Monday, July 17, 2017


Dear Mom, 

I'm sorry that you were a little startled by the photo of me standing at the bottom of a well. Startling you was not my intention. I don't want you to be too concerned for my safety or well being as far as me being here in my mission goes. I know that I'm going to be safe here as long as I do my part. 

I don't want you to be too concerned. What I was doing in the well was helping make it deeper. I mostly was removing rocks from the well. It was a service project we did with our old district leader. My companion is now the district leader of our district. I will make sure to be more careful in the future. 

Mom, don't apologize for your email being long. I enjoy reading it and getting a better look at the what life is like over there in Houston. I hope the pictures do a good job of showing what life is like here for me. I know that I don't do a very good job of explaining in detail my day to day experiences, but I hope the pictures help paint the picture. I forgot to send some of these pictures to Dad so I will send them to you right now. I love you,  Mom and I hope you have a good week. In the latest photos,  I'm with my companion in the street, and at a birthday party for the bishop of our ward. The other pictures are of my room. 

I love you, Mom, and miss you everyday. 

Elder McMurray ​

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  1. Hello my name is Diego.
    I was looking this blog and discovered Elder McMurray is serving in my last area I served.
    I opened this area because was closed around one year.
    I am happy to see my old room haha and the people of Sol del Pinar Ward.

    I love Peru Lima North Mission.

    Greetings for you From Ecuador.