Thursday, May 11, 2017

Catching Up Some More

A collection of messages, from Elder McMurray:

24 April 2017


Things are pretty good in my area. Things aren't too bad. I'm really good friends with the Elders that share the ward with us. Their names are Elder Gutierrez and Elder Batres. I told Mom more about them in my email to her.  They've been really good friends during my time in this area. The area is also doing pretty good. We plan on having a baptism this Saturday, a referral from a ward member, so that will be good. 

Are there still four elders in the Alief Ward,  or are there only two? Most of the wards here only have two missionaries, but our ward is somewhat bigger so we have four elders here. 

There isn't much else interesting happening in our area. We are trying to work as hard as possible. It was a pretty tiring week. We had 16 new investigators though. Hopefully we can keep that up. The goal for the mission is for every companionship to have 15 new investigators every week.

I'm thankful for your prayers and counsel I'm so glad to hear from you every week and to hear how you are doing. I pray for you everyday. I love you and miss you so much. Have a wonderful week. 

1 May 2017

This week was a little bit difficult. The middle of the week was a little bit hard, but then Sunday it was like everything went down hill. The guy that got baptized didn't show up to church because his niece was in the hospital, so he didnt get confirmed. We didn't reach our goals in terms of new investigators and investigators in sacrament meeting. We were very far from what the mission goals are. We had interviews with President Godfrey this week, and he gave me a little bit of congratulations for my work last week, our numbers were pretty good, but I guess the praise came a little too soon. 

I don't know where I went wrong exactly but I will try to figure it out this week. I saw a video about the gardener and the current bush today. It is a really parable. Here is the video:

I hope you have an excellent week!

8 May 2017

Dear Dad,

Naomi told me about your computer trouble. I am very sorry that it crashed. I hope that everything can be recovered. [It was a huge pain, but thanks to the miracle of Abid, computer guy extraordinaire, very little data was lost.] I will be praying that everything will be recovered this week. [Prayer helped, too!] I know that it is very stressful though, especially with the start to the summer schedule. I am very sorry. 

This week was pretty normal. It was some what difficult, though. We didn't really meet our goals in terms of our new investigators and having our investigators attend sacrament meeting. I am trying to do a better job as a missionary. I told mom this and maybe you can help me out to. I feel like there is something lacking in my spiritual aspect of my missionary work, and I don't know what it is. I don't know what I need to change and how I can improve in that area. Do you have any suggestions?

I willl be available to call you all next Sunday at 5 pm. [Missionaries call home twice a year, Christmas Day and Mother's Day.]  I will call from the house of one of the members in the ward. He has a business that he runs from his house, and he uses computers a lot, so his internet connection is pretty good.

Other than that not much else is going on. Winter is coming in. Last week we moved apartments. We love in a place that is much better than our old apartment, but there is a liquor store right next to our house. It doesn't cause too much trouble. 

Love, Elder McMurray