Monday, January 16, 2017


Dear Dad,

Thank you for the email. I really appreciate it. I am trying to learn and to grow. I am trying to improve. I have long way to go, though. This week was OK, as far as missionary work goes. We have one investigator who accepted our invitation to be baptized and is preparing to be baptized on the 28th. We are really excited about that. 

We have another investigator who accepted our invitation, then said he wasn't sure, then said the Church wasn't true. He said he would keep praying to know if it was, though.

Another one of our families also didn't come to church this Sunday, which was disappointing. We hope they will accept our invitation to be baptized, but so far they haven´t, so that´s kind of up in the air right now. 

We also have another investigator who has come to church with her aunt and uncle. They live in the same apartment building, but her parents aren't members. We technically have never actually taught her, but the part of her family who are members of the Church are really good. They have strong testimonies. She´s been reading the Book of Mormon as well, and at a family home evening we attended at their house last night, said she wanted to be baptized. 

It´s weird. We have people who we work with, who we teach and testify to, and nothing really happens as far as the eye can see. And then we have other people who are just ready. 

It´s weird. 

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  1. So proud of all Noah's efforts and his courage! Glad to hear some people are receptive and ready to be baptized. That's wonderful.