Monday, January 9, 2017


Dear Dad,

I hope I didn't worry everyone too much about what I said in my email last week. I wasn't trying to worry anyone. The people in the mission offices have taken good care of me and I am fine. I have taken things easy and I feel like I have recovered fully from my fall. I am still avoiding overexerting myself, at least for another week according to the mission president´s wife. 

Other then that the week was pretty good. We worked hard contacting and searching for referrals this week. Although not all the days were perfect, we put in a good effort and I feel like we've seen results. Well, we did see results, actually. We had six investigators come to church on Sunday. That was a real blessing. It was also testimony meeting and although I didn't understand every word of what the members said, I feel like I understood enough I and feel like every testimony that was shared was truly heartfelt and sincere. I feel like the spirit could be felt in that meeting. I don't know how many of these investigators will be baptized. I hope they all are. I´m glad to see the fruit of the labor of my companion and I. We also had a good lesson throughout the week with other people that said they wouldn't be able to make it to church this Sunday but they would try for the following Sunday, so that is also good. 

As I was writing this your email came in and I just finished reading it. A lot of what you said has to do with what was said in this talk or discourse my companion gave me. He received it from the previous mission president.

The talk describes four types of missionaries: Those who break the rules and go home, those who break the rules and finish, those who follow the rules but with a grudging attitude, and those that follow the rules and give their heart, their desires to the Lord. It is a very good sermon. It taught me a lot about how it is important we have a righteous and willing heart in the work we do. It doesn't mean we don't feel tired or upset or anything else, but it means we are trying to change our hearts and focus on the here and the now, the lives we can bless here and now. 

I have kind of been sad as I've laid in bed at night. We watched a little talk by Elder Holland as well and he talked about how a mission is the tipping point in your life. Life will not be the same after this. He also talked about Peter. Peter followed the Savior and in the course of his mission, he became such a perfect representative of Christ, that people would desire just to stand in Peter's shadow. I don't want to be selfish or anything like that. I want to help these people come unto Christ. At times I do think I home though. At times I want to be home. I think of you all and how  much I would love to just be in your presence. 

I guess that is part of the reason eternal life is so marvelous. To be in the presence not only of my Lord and God but my family as well, the people I love most in this world, that truly will be a blessing. I am trying to change my heart. I am trying to give my self fully unto the Lord so that I can become like Him, so I can know Him. It isn't easy, though.

I love you all and miss you all  very much. Thank you so much for the email. 

Elder McMurray 

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