Monday, December 12, 2016

Agua Fria y Lomo Saltado -- Life in the Comas Zone

Thank you for the message dad. It was very uplifting for me. I don't have much time so I´m sorry that this is going to be short. 

I left the MTC on Tuesday morning. In the hustle and bustle I lost my patriarchal blessing. That was a huge blow. I really wanted to read it,  too. I talked to my mission president and he said he would call the MTC to see if they found anything, but so far I haven´t heard anything back. 

The week has been a big learning experience for me. I´m in the Comas Zone and my companion is Elder Escobar. He´s from Mexico. He doesn´t speak too much English but he speaks enough. 

I´m sorry, but I don't remember the name of my ward. The people are all very friendly and welcoming. We have lunch with a member every day and the food is always very filling and delicious. They are very kind people. They are kind of suprised a bit by me a bit. I guess I´m not like other white missionaries they have had in the fact I know a lot about soccer and I really like the food they serve here. We can't eat ceviche, so we mostly have rice and chicken, but my favorite thing is saltado. 

Rice, Beef, and French Fries -- that's Lomo Saltado!

I don't have enough time to give a day-by-day update. Overall though, the week was OK. It has been a good learning experience for me. We haven´t found too many people and the people we have found haven´t been the best. That is the hardest part for me. We have high goals in the mission and I really want to reach them, but it´s difficult for me with the language barrier. On Saturday for example, we went to go eat with a member. She and her son are members but her husband and daughter are not. We were there for 4 or 5 hours. While there by the way, I caught the very end of a City game against Leicester. It was depressing to see, 4-2. But anyways we were there for a long time. we taught a lesson after eating, but in the end the people weren't interested. the dad doesn't seem to believe that Jesus is the Christ. It was depressing for me. The language is hard, but I feel like I can see progress there. For me the finding people to teach is harder. 

Other than that though, things are pretty good. My apartment is not the best, but it gets us by. We have really cold showers in the morning, which takes some getting used to. 

I´m sorry this is so short. I have to go now. I will send pictures next week, I promise. I´m really sorry about having to leave. Tell the people I couldn't email how sorry I am. I will email them next week for sure. I love you all and miss you all very much. I´m so grateful for all of you!

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