Monday, December 19, 2016

A Tough Week

Hello, Everyone:

I will try to get everything out that happened this week,  but I won't be able to say everything because of the time limit. Also when you see this, could you please respond immediately so we can coordinate for Christmas? I will be able to Skype. Right now we have it planned for 3:00 your time on Christmas Sunday, but I need to know if that works for you all.

As far as the week goes, it was really hard. I thought things were going good with the language, but I've been humbled. We literally have no one to teach. We have this one grandpa, Manuel, who we invited to be baptized and he said "yeah," but he doesn't want to rush things. We've taught him three times since I've been here and he hasn't gone to church once. I´m trying to learn to be patient and loving towards the people, but I've seen some things that have really upset me to my core. I thought that part of the mission would come easy for me, loving the people, since I grew up in a place where I was surrounded by so many different cultures, but it has been really difficult. It´s been extremely humbling. Contacting is hard. It´s harder when the people let you in, you teach a great lesson and think you've brought the Spirit, and then they say they´re not interested in taking anymore lessons. I don't know what there is to say. I've been very humbled. 

I don't want you guys to get upset. Part of this is venting,  I suppose. My ward, by the way, is called Año Nuevo. It´s kinda small and the people are really great, but it´s super hard getting references. If you guys have any references, please give them to the missionaries in your area!

My companion has also been really sick this week. We've had to go to the clinic or hospital a couple of times. There´s one write across from the mission offices, which is good. As of now, we will still have to go back to figure out what is wrong with him. It´s something to do with his right side. They keep saying "vesicula," which is the gall bladder or something like that. I don't know. I don't understand a whole bunch, to be honest. I don't mean to sound so down. I just didn't know this is what missionary life would be like. 

I really miss all of you. I love hearing from you all each week. I´m sorry my emails are short. One thing that´s kinda funny is everyone here loves this treat called paneton. They only have it at Christmas. It´s basically fruitcake. They love it. Thanks for telling me about Manchester City, Dad. I miss watching them play.  

I hope you week is great. I love you. I miss you all. 

Elder McMurray

PS:  Here are a few final photos of the Lima MTC.  Today is the first chance I've had to share them:



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