Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Are Receiving Strange Notices from the Homeland

Hey, Everyone:

First off, how did Trump win the election? I thought Clinton was pulling way ahead. Have there been any negative consequences so far? Have there been riots? 

Also, someone told me the Cubs won the World Series. Is that also true? It´s very hard to get concrete information so I would like some verification. 

What else is going on? For me, I´m doing pretty good. I´m feeling a lot better. I´m not doing great with the language,  which is frustrating. My companion and roommates are good. I get along with them all pretty well. We probably joke around too much but we´re trying to get more focused. 

Don't worry, Mom. I'm feeling 100 %. It was rough when I was sick but I completely better now. The things that are happening to me are pretty routine: we have classes, devotionals, work out time (soccer time), practice teaching and speaking in Spanish, meal times, and it´s pretty much the same schedule every day. I´m doing OK at the Spanish and teaching, but I want to do better, of course. I still have a long way to go. Spiritually I´m feeling great though. I´m very glad to be out here preparing to go out into the field. 

The people I´ve met have been great so far. My companion and I, Elder Ujifusa (1/8 Japanese) get along great and I get along real well with the people in my district / dorm room. I have Elder Beck, who´s going to the same mission as me, Elder Carroll, Elder Norman, and Elder McClune, who was a floor above me my first semester at BYU. We all get along super well. We have four other guys in my district who aren´t in my room but are in the room across the hall. They are Elder Baros, Elder Olson, Elder Martin, and Elder Reeder and they´re also really fun guys that I get along with real well.

Other than that things are pretty normal. I´ve met some pretty cool natives and our teachers are also really good and friendly. The MTC, or CCM as it´s called here, is super nice. It has a soccer field, basketball court, weight lifting equipment, really nice buildings and dorms. There really isn´t anything to complain about. 

We´ve only been out once to go to the temple and the city is pretty cool. It´s very populated and the streets are chaotic, there is a lot of poverty, but I´m excited to get out and teach people.

Thank you for taking care of Lucky the Dog, Dad. It means a lot to me and I´m grateful. (Lucky the Dog and Dad enjoy a very complicated relationship.)
My MTC District (from left to right): Elder Ujifusa (my companion and our district leader); Elder Carroll, Elder Norman, Hermana Poulson, Elder Olson, Elder Barros, Hermana D, Elder Martin, Elder McClune (lived a floor above me in the dorms at BYU last year), Elder Beck (he's also assigned to the Peru Lima North Mission), Elder Reeder, and me, Elder McMurray

Dad, I hope you have a great birthday as well! 
¡Feliz CumpleaƱos!
Also when ever you guys send me something, could you send a bag of the purple Takis?

Muchas Gracias 


  1. What a terrific looking group! And what a great update! Love ya Noah!